Jewish Art Calendar

Dear Friend, 

Preparations are under way for the Niles Jewish Art Calendar. This is the first year that Chabad will be producing this attractive, multi-color publication, and mailing it to the entire Jewish community free of charge. The calendar shall include detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, Shabbos and Holiday candle lighting times and popular thematic artwork, and mailed out Free of Charge to the Jewish Community.


Unlike ads in the local newspaper which have a very short life-span, the colorful and informative Jewish Art Calendar will be viewed by potential customers the whole year round. The calendar shall once again include detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, shabbos and holiday candle lighting times and popular thematic artwork.

Additionally, by advertising with us, you are taking an active role in advancing Judaism in the Niles area, which in turn is bound to elicit a positive response from members of the local community.

The calendar will feature opportunities for new year greetings, and your family special occasions, i.e. Bar-Bat Mitzvah, yartzeit, birthdays and anniversaries to be printed in the calendar on the date of the occasion.

Your participation helps us with this worthy endeavor, as well as with our other efforts on behalf of the Jewish community.

Greetings and Special Moments

For a small donation you can include your family’s names in the calendar’s Shana Tova listing, or even have your special moments recorded on the actual calendar day.

May G‑d grant you and yours much continued and ever growing success in all of your endeavors, coupled with good health, much nachas, joy and prosperity.

With warm personal regards,
Rabbi Lazer Hershkovich
Community Outreach Director

Please take a moment to send us your advertisement by August 4th, 2017

Wish the Community a 'Shana Tova' - a Good Year $36.00
Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary, Yahrtzeit, Wedding* $36.00 
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Back Cover Page 8" x 10" $999.00
Blank Page 8" x 10" $899.00
Half Page 8" x 5" $499.00
Quarter Page 3.75" x 5" $299.00
2/3 Banner 2" x 5" $360.00
1/3 Banner 2" x 3.1" $180.00 
2 Calendar Boxes 1.5" x 2.7" $140.00
1 Calendar Box 1.5" x 1.35" $79.00
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